The Blog Review pt3

Short and sweet

Thoughts: Every blog I read must peek my interest in one way or another. I look for something that stands out, has a voice, and creates a wonderment to comeback. I follow about 100 blogs at the moment. All of them are on my list for varies reasons. A select handful are in my favorite’s bar on my browser. Seyisandradavid; Blog is one of those special places I enjoy finding myself at.

Review: Almost an exercise in writing, it feels warmly enjoyable to see sections of much larger stories unfold before your eyes. With each posting filled with a sense of completion, you still want to continue walking beside deep characters on their adventure. Some stories are more casual, others intimate, even more so you’ll find strongly written conversations between two or more characters. Things to look forward to are Seyusabdradavid’s, glimpse into thought. You’ll find yourself reading her personal entries just as invigorating as her short stories. If you are a lover of words then you have found a new home here.

Overall: If you are looking for a new experience, or have seen this blog before, I personally recommend giving it a try. Read one entry to be convinced of something worth your time. I give this blog my thumbs up, and a grand Yes! I am very found of coming across this wonderful blog over the past few months. I also continue looking into my future reading more entries.

I want to read more blogs. If you have a blog and you want me to write a review on it just ask. I love reading, and I think people have a lot to say. For when they take the time to say it, it’s important to me to listen… or in this case, read. Have a most peacefully glorious day!

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