Marketing : Free Marketing

I hear a lot of entertainers saying this “I have no money, how can I market”… Well… here you go!

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Today’s Tip – Marketing : Free Marketing

Where to begin if your pockets are deep but filled with fuzz? Free Marketing is all around you. A quick list of free marketing; Word of mouth, Social Networking, Cross Marketing through building networking relationships, etc. When your penny is all you have it is time to brainstorm. Your brain is your most powerful tool for marketing. Creating outlets to get your “brand” out there starts with idea growth. Where to place your time, and money, or lack of both.

It is imperative that “Marketing” be a priority. Your brand is the life-force of your success. So place some effort into this area to help propel your brand into open arms. Everyday sit down for an hour and come up with ideas that will benefit the growth of your brand. Even “Paid Marketing” should be on…

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