Drunk on power

• Drunk on power 

I made a vow when I was younger to stay clean of drugs, cigarettes, and drinking. I was younger than 10 years old, which made it all the more powerful to my soul. I saw people drunk all the time. Cigarettes smell is disgusting, unattractive, and just never made sense to me. By the time I was 15 I had already seen what drugs can do to people. Are all drugs bad? To be honest, I have no care if other people do any of the aforementioned vices, I vowed to be clean for myself. We made choices for ourselves, not for others. Even people trying to get help for their addictions must make the choice for their hearts before taking the road to recovery.

When I got into entertainment it was always my dream to open a venue where people could come and see quality shows. I also wanted a place where people who were starting out could get that opportunity. I had no intention of selling liqueur, beer, or anything that required me to have a small chance of drunk people running around like headless chickens. Who wants to come to a theater when it is dangerous to walk outside because some random person is scream and falling over themselves? It devalues the place. So, people can come here buy drinks in the shape of soda, water, coffees, hot coco, and so on. Snakes too, they are yummy.

My point is this; I was told I was being selfish because there are people out there who do like to drink. I should be thinking of their needs and not mine. That, “If I am not interested in making a lot of money, then what is the point”. I make money on my company BBR Productions Inc., We are a marketing company. The theater is just a pleasant extra gift. I am far from being selfish. In fact, how the story goes I use to work as a cashier at a supermarket. The cashier next to me sold beer to a guy who ended up crashing into a car filled with a full family. They all died, except the drunk.

The catalyst for that accident was my next door cashier. I would never want to be the cause of another human(s) life to be taken. Am I selfish? Sure, because “I” would like people to live. “I” would like people to come to my place and have fun. It’s not a place to get drunk because a show has no quality. People dying is not my business. I am fearful that people are not responsible when it comes to drinking. They might be, but I don’t know, and thus I can’t take a chance. I wouldn’t want that on my employees, my company name, or my soul. If people want to drink, have fun somewhere else.

The Rose Theater is for individuals looking for a fun, safe, and pleasant show.


3 thoughts on “Drunk on power

  1. I never smoked (anything) and stayed away from all drugs unless prescribed by a physician. Even then, I try to keep that at a minimum. I did fall victim to a family vice of alcoholism, but have beaten that for almost 29 years.

    I must have kind of gone overboard with my son when he was just a toddler, because he was afraid of smoking, drugs and drinking. He grew up to be “straight edge” and is now 26 and has kept his body pure. He doesn’t understand the need so many of his friends have of feeling the need to either escape or poison themselves with these substances.

    I agree. You can have a wonderful time without being in an altered state.


    • I am so proud of you for being clean for all those years! That is an amazing victory!!! I am also glad to hear your son is living pure and strong. There is a beauty to life that would be hard to see in a slush. I have no problem with people living their lives, but I own this theater and I am about a quality show not how many people can I get her to get drunk. Art is more important to me than drinking. 🙂


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