Some is better than none

• Some is better than none

“A little a day.” That’s what I told myself when I got into the swing of things. Entertainment is difficult. It is designed to keep the unmotivated out of the loop. Surfers are hard workers. Those individuals pushing through a strong ocean wave after being knocked out. Then dragged through a rock bottom splash while coming up for a second breath before getting taken under again. That’s when you are made or broken. Are you willing to fight through these attempts only to fail over and over again? If yes, then you will… correction, you are successful.

I’ve seen it a thousand times. Bands, actors, comedians, you name it, they have one small hick-up and they give up. “What do you mean I have to market my self?”, “What do you mean I have network and build relationships?”, “Wait, I have to put money into this and not have a job… well how will I pay my bills?” How will you pay your bills? What do you want to do with your life? These are questions I’ve asked myself after hearing all these naysayers. I want this life, I am this life. It’s about sacrifice. Any job, even a teacher has to sacrifice their freedoms to earn an education enough to teach. Then they have to put the time in.

I found a solution to this when I was learning the hard road is very much easier than I thought. “Some is better than none”. I live by that. If I do one thing a day, at the least, then I know I did something. I end up doing more a day now than I use to. However, that one thing a day kept me moving forward on lazy days. I’ve seen people complain everyday (which is kind of doing something a day) though it really is doing nothing. Brainstorm, think things through and make things happen by making things happen. Occasionally I find myself enjoying the words of others and their inspiration.

Need motivation? Here is a “TIP A DAY” blog. I have faith in you… as I have faith in me!


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