Control yourself

• Control yourself

People have always interested me. Studying life is a very important part of my own personal life along with my business world. One thing I have noticed in entertainment are four types of people; Timid, Arrogant, Leaders, and Controlling. Me, I am a leader. I take charge when things have to get done. I freakout if I am standing still for far too long. Things have to get done. I’ve learned if you care about something stop blaming it on others for not getting done. I can do it, so do it, and get it done!

Timid people have always surprised me. When you feel they might not have it in them to make things happen they blow your mind with their success. Out of nowhere they create opportunities and go with it. Timid doesn’t always mean they are nice. They just keep to themselves. Arrogant, well, everyone knows what that is. These people have it in them to be great if only they were humble enough to know better. I have little to no problem with these three mentioned. In fact, I wish someone would take lead more often.

People who are controlling have one thing in common : They have no control in their lives. Either their parents, loved ones, boss, partner, or outside source is controlling them. In some cases they are just so lost in their own life that they are dictated by their lack of direction. Whatever it be, they need to find control over others to feel better. This is done by nitpicking every little thing they see. Having the last words is a quick sign of this person type. I feel they may have yet to find true purpose, love, and understanding in their life.

Dealing with them is always a challenge if you let them take you over. Be stronger than them and find your path growing. I broke free many a times from people like this and now I have a great deal of control in my life. My soul is happier knowing I make choices for each step I take. Sometimes things fall down, but I get right back up. Trials and tribulations are a great learning tool to move up and onward. Let these people bobble their heads around and enjoy your life while they can barely enjoy their own.


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