Sitting in thought

• Sitting in thought

That was some left hook! I’ve always wondered why people take hits with worry. A problem comes up and they lay on the floor adding weight to the situation. Knowing what is holding you back is one thing. Concentrating on problems that are out of your control is another. When people speak their mind to “help” a situation it seems almost impossible to move forward when everything out of their mouths is about the problem.

I’m a man of solutions. Yes, I want to know what the issue is. Yes, I want to figure out what must happen to resolve said issues. Yes, I enjoy thinking forward while staying away from what is holding me back. How do I break free, over, all the bad that is or could come to me. Information is more powerful than anything else in this world. Take it in and utilize it. Any sign of weakness and you’ll find your soldiers running for the hills.

Be a leader. That’s who I am. Take control. When I have no control I feel weakest. I do have control in every situation. Why? Because I take control so things get done. There is always something to be done, that’s how I look at it. If you have time to lean you have time to clean. My job is to find ways to bring in work, delegate it, and ensure things are getting done on time. My other job is to be a professional me.

Make things happen by making things happen…

14 thoughts on “Sitting in thought

  1. OUCH! You must have written that post in response to my internet complaintes! I’m afraid I do complain a bit! I have gained some solutions, though, for my internet slow-down problem. Here they are: Buy more gigs, upload after midnight, or go somewhere else. So I AM going to be a WOMAN of action! I did feel better complaining, though. I had a method in my verbal attack on Wild Blue, and complaining sometimes is an action. First you get help. You may NOT have a solution to your problem – or worse yet, your solution MAY be WRONG! Secondly, you let people know there is a problem, so if they are having one also, you can join together to make a difference, Third, you let people know that you are not ignoring them, but are experiencing difficulties that are out of the ordinary, so that they can be patient with you. Finally, simply talking about a problem often helps you think out the solution for yourself. So, while complaining is somewhat similar to simply worrying, it is a first step towards action. I do agree that people can get stuck in their complaints, and when complaints sound like a broken record, it’s time to try some solutions. Thanks for the NO Whining Zone reminder, though.


    • I agree, people must complain to understand what an issue is. The broken record part is what I get annoyed at listening to. People should talk out their problems. Talking is very healthy. Dwelling on the other hand is very unhealthy. It leads you to stand still, fear things, and too much stress.

      On a lighter note, I wasn’t referring to your blog. I’ll rarely write a blog to complain about someone else expressing themselves on a social media. However, I love writing blog reviews on people’s devotion to their blogs.

      Truly, this blog was about the situation with a theater I own, and some of the complaining from outside my office people. 🙂

      Keep being wonderful!


      • Awww thanks! This has become an addiction! My husband bought me 2 more gigs of memory. This morning we were both answering emails, and we used up 1 of the gigs in a half hour!!!! That was just emails! We both turned on off wifi to our phones, and ipad. If that doesn’t help At the rate it used up this morning it will cost of $10 a day to answer emails, and now I have worked myself up into a complaint!!!! So we are experimenting with different solutions!

        You own a theater? How cool is that? I’m going to have to try to get to your blog and “camp out” as Russel Ray says, after I get my internet situation fixed so I can read blogs again. Thanks for the nice comment. It is music to my ears!!!


        • Yes indeed. I just opened it this year. Though, I had been running my own production company for about 15 years helping people protect themselves, and get their lives going in a field they would love to have a career in. I always wanted someone to help me, so when I made my life through hard work, I promised myself I’d give opportunity to those in my old situation.

          The theater is just another way of giving actors starting out, and playwrights a chance to do their thing. 🙂

          PS… that’s a lot of gigs. hehe


          • Isn’t it though. It’s like a a gigasip of a soft drink. At the end of the meal, it’s still empty. Read what they have done, though. Here I am in the morning able to connect and read your and respond to your comments.

            I just love what you have done. First of all, I love the theater, but your philosophy is so generous. Are you in an area that gets lots of budding stars? Where I worked at the county office of education, there is another consultant who does nothing buy theater. The students from all over our county audition for 4 musicals a year, once a quarter. The productions are amazing – even ones like CATS!

            I clearly see that I must go over to your site ASAP and read some more about what you do. Thanks for such great cyber-conversation and for providing opportunities. 🙂


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