• Sleepy

Everyone hears me say this as much as possible; You must work 365 days a year. What you don’t hear me say is, make sure you get enough sleep. Working everyday can consist of an hour or more, to just completing one simple task. This whole week I’ve been breaking the rule of getting enough sleep. I have chosen to sacrifice a lot of my personal time, sleep time and friends time so I can get this new 6,200 square foot theater up and running.

We have an opening show this Sunday, and the Theater is just about done. A little more paint, some nails, maybe even a bit more trim. I still need sleep, but hey, the things we do for our dreams to come true. I know I will be sleeping most of the day on Monday just to catch back up. Lesson learned body, lesson learned. So, since Monday I’ve been working from around 10am to 3am the following day. I think it is time for a nap.

What have I learned from all of this? Owning your dream is a lot of work. It is also a lot of fun. Surviving in entertainment is hard enough, but growing your career and success is almost impossible. For every hundred people who attempt to make something happen only one of them will get a shot. For every ten people ever got a shot, only one of them actual make a career out of it. Think about that next time you notice the same 20 actors in every movie you see. Just sayin’.

Make things happen by making things happen, but also get the right amount of sleep. Sleep recharges you so you can keep going! Become the energizer bunny, or at least act like one.


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