A stormy beginning

• A stormy beginning

I was asked about what my thoughts on the number 3 was. I really wanted to write that blog, but it occurred to me that a storm just hit NY Long Island, among other places. So, I was in the storm, and I am an entertainer. I will get to the number 3 at another time. For now, let’s talk about being resilient. What hit NY was pretty bad but nothing compared to other states that were destroyed. For NY City, there was a flood, and subways were filled to the top. You can’t use the subway trains if they are submarines. Due to the storm, people lost their lives, less people lost power and every production in TV and Film was shut down.

Obviously that list is in the order of importance. The storm is gone and in the past now. So everything is slowly going back to normal. Expect for this small gas problem plaguing the Island of Long in NY. So, now anyone who wants to get to NY City can’t take a train, or drive to the city to work on movies or TV productions. Worse yet, I am opening up a theater which was suppose to be open by the first of November. It’s the fifth now. Which means, we are behind schedule. So, no lives, power, gas, productions, or theater… What can one do? Should we get upset, aggravated, or flipped out on everything and one? Nah, there is a better way.

The storm create opportunity. How? I only have my opinion of the situation. People being taken away, I can’t answer that. That’s for A God, or something, or nothing else to answer. For those who have survived, maybe I can add a little clarity to your lives. There are no walls only solutions. It’s beautiful how so many people are helping one another through this event. Even famous people, and those with nothing themselves, are stepping up to give a hand to those in need. I knew the world had it in her. Except when it comes to people pulling out guns at gas stations… But, they were waiting for three hours on a line to filler up on their cars.

I wish people would be kind all the time, instead of when something horrible happen. That’s another blog… This is about finding clarity in something so destructive. For me, I found time to breathe. What else could I do? There are moments when you have no control for a reason. Life is saying, “It’s okay. Sit down while I help you stop running around.” I feel that’s true. The storm has done enough damage, allow yourself a moment to breathe in it’s abscess. Once you have given yourself a moment, write down what needs to be done. Mark that list off one by one as time passes. For me, my life needed things to slow down. I work every day. This storm taught me one thing…

I have loved ones around, people to listen to, and my life to live. I work, in one form or another, everyday. I had no choice but to slow down. A stormy beginning to my venture, and a beautiful calm after. To all those who had a rough time in this event, my heart goes out to you. May peace find your lives, and strength where you may feel weak and destroyed. All the world to life…



6 thoughts on “A stormy beginning

  1. It amazes me that it takes a disaster to wake people up to their inner resilience, kindness, and forgiveness. I ask myself the same question you do: why can’t we be more like this all the time? Why do we have to wait for a disaster (personal or natural) to remind us to act with humanity?

    I guess not all of us do. And that gives me hope…


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