The Blog Review pt2

It’s about that time again people. I found another blog that I enjoy reading. There are two parts to this review reason; The first is in the review, and the second is because of everything I’ve ever really talked about. Success in life comes from networking. Networking is about conversing with people. I may not speak 7 languages, but I can understand 7 languages to the point of listening to life. My goal is to have all doors open to a conversation. You learn so much about life through others. So, this blog I am writing about has made a wonderful connection with me, and thus garnered a great deal of my attention.


• First Blog : “Lorna’s Voice

Lorna’s Voice is indeed what I like the most about this blog. Her voice. The way she writes her thoughts out while reading into opinions, experiences, and enjoyable observations. You’ll find some chilling reads throughout her blog when she takes a moment to open up her personal moments. You’ll see she has a perfectly expressive humor. Sarcastic at times, but warmly appreciative to how words can make people read. Personally, Lorna is great with following back, commenting and taking time out of her day to give you a little something into your day. These things help me enjoy reading her blog. It’s all about community and Lorna’s Voice does just that. Take a trip into her voice and let your eyes embrace its fabulous journey. I give this blog a thumbs up!

I want to read more blogs. If you have a blog and you want me to write a review on it just ask. I love reading, and I think people have a lot to say. For when they take the time to say it, it’s important to me to listen… or in this case, read. Have a most peacefully glorious day!

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