Silently Aware

(A second entry from the mind of Lord Telmorn Altayon. Let your read take on a journey through his eyes. What he saw, how he felt. Peace in harmony…  ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)

Silently Aware

Youthful wonder clears a mind from fear. Exploring dangers inside unknown dares. I’m always watching from far or near. My hands are close to ensure your safety, even if you find yourself scared. Praised are the first children who took a chance. I watch in splendor, in deep romance. Their steps in crossing paths tripping among unwavering rhythmic trance. Mistakes were made one hand to another. I saw no innocents as I had seen among their very hunger. Reaching, searching for knowledge, mortals flocked in slothful plunder.

Knowing is dangerous to an unskilled smith. Their hands in control of fabricated events. Let this world crumble, I saw it no other way. Dancing in death’s holding war, I prayed for endless bloodshed to cry away. I felt its eruption ever slightly in life’s calming demeanor. When clouds poured down in filthy rage, I knew the world had finally let go in a fiery cage. There before mountains of bodies, standing, looking up at chaos’ death, breathe on me my shouting loves.

Never turning away in disgust my arms hung down in reserve. Aware of life’s truth, knowing where this race of humans would be found. Even in sickness, in decay, in violent misguidance, mortals found a way forward. Inevitably this world will move on. It will continue being as perfectly beautiful as it has always been. This race of life I’ve given birth to will falter in their freedom. Responsibility comes with a price. Left unchecked playful anarchy will color this world dead.

Lord Telmorn Altayon

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