The Blog Review pt1

Every so often I come across blogs I really like to read. This week I am focusing on two particular blogs that I’ve been following for at least a year.

• First Blog : “Bringing Reality To Your Dreams

This blog gives daily tips about finding ways to succeed in your life. In turn, it presents options to do as the title says, Bring reality to your dreams. Each post is about 300, short blogs, with amusing photos. A nice feature: When you ask them questions their team seems to answer fairly quick. I recommend this blog for individuals that like to add to their lives. Since, at the least, it lets you think about what you have been doing or what you could do more of.  As of late, they seem to be doing a more defined series of tips that interact with one another. I have been enjoying this format even more so than their weekly grouped tips. That is why today I recommend this blog for everyone to take a look see. It feels more focused. In the past I’ve even written for these people. It’s always nice to network, and interact with other Blogs. It helps you grow as a person, and with people. Let me know what you think of  “Bringing Reality To Your Dreams“.

• Second Blog : “Katrina Perkins

Katrina Perkins is an actress making her way in the entertainment world. This explains why I enjoy reading her posts. Two Entertainers traveling? Her entries are always delightful, and again, short precise reads. If you have five minutes to check something out her blog is perfect for it. Are you learning anything from reading her blog? You could, since they are inward examinations of what she is doing, has done, will do, and where her thoughts are.  She’s quick to respond as well. Another fun fact is she will always follow your blog back if you add her and interact with her. Since she interacts back, which is nice for blog people like ourselves. Watch this successful actress continue forward in a long career just beginning. I actually found this blog through the “Bringing Reality to your dreams” blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on “Katrina Perkins“. Give it a once over, I am sure you’ll love it. Come on, a red head in curls!

I want to read more blogs. If you have a blog and you want me to write a review on it just ask. I love reading, and I think people have a lot to say. For when they take the time to say it, it’s important to me to listen… or in this case, read. Have a most peacefully glorious day!

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