(Afternoon, since 1997 I’ve been writing short stories, novels, songs, about a certain character. I have even performed on stage representing a character named Lord Telmorn Altayon. From time to time I am going to place little thoughts from this character’s point of view, philosophies and more. Just another side of my entertaining ways. The world of story telling! Thank you kindly for reading, have a peacefully glorious day! ~ Thomas J. Bellezza)


Even us immortals have a version of love. Our souls are cursed to feel emotion toward other beings. It is much easier loving mortals. They die, they fade away in times relentless decay. A mortal graced with a God’s love is more a musing than an emotion. An attraction for living artwork. As a sculptor in pause while gazing upon finished work. They pass, we continue onward. Some Gods take longer to mourn than others. In all cases we learn how to create distance between forever and the limited.

She was from another world, Aoreanna. How she changed life among Xandea with her grace. Darkly sensual against your eyes life felt frozen in time. Beyond immortal, she was something else. I had lost my empty heart to her within moments of seeing this world crumble. I cared for nothing more of Xandea as I wanted her dark red skin against my lips. It seemed I was bestowed a privilege, freed of any punishment around her perfectly deep black eyes. Others fell weak near her, or worse.

My world sat in ruin while I stood over her sleeping body. We ruled Torin’s children together in harmonious malice. Warm shadows breathing death within life’s soul. When nothing was left to consume, her pain began unto me. It was here I was betrayed by my seed. I was forced into exile through weakness of emotion. In sadness of my heart I knew I must be forced to understand a mortal’s love. We were ripped away from each other forever forced apart, but in all cases we learn how to create distance between forever and the limited.

Lord Telmorn Altayon

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