Help one, help all, helps yourself?

Help one, help all, helps yourself? :

I love entertainment. I love the business of entertainment too. What I am less found of are entertainers. This is a game of possibility. Most entertainers are in this game as if it were a competition. Let’s be serious for a moment. The truth of it all is this game is not a competition. There is room for everyone. Maybe you are still learning, or the system of entertainment is looking for something different than you. It just means keep trying. Keep trying while working with other people in your field, outside your field, and learn to be helpful. This business grows on people working together.

A movie is made by more than 8 people. Those normal 8 are actors, a director, camera people, and a producer. Then those unsung heroes: grips, people who handle light, stand-ins, extras, etc. Stay after a movie is over and watch how long you’ll wait around with credits going and going and going. It’s beautiful to watch since it represents success in groups. If all people looked at a movie’s behind the scenes workings you’ll notice how to become successful. People searching for success all by their lonesome will take a lot longer getting there while others working with people will find themselves among success much quicker.

Take a comedian. They writer their own jokes, they perform their own jokes, they drive to their own gigs. Fine, that seems like it takes one person. Except, you need someone to run the show (The person who booked you)… Oh I am sorry, did you say you booked the show yourself? Okay, you need a person who owns a club to let you perform there. Oh, did you say you own the place too. Now you are getting annoying! Fine, you own the place, now you need people to run the door, the lights, the bar, the cleaning, etc. My point is, you are working hard for yourself while others are working hard to make it possible for you to do it.

This is not a one person game. It is a group effort. Helping one, helps all to help yourself!

4 thoughts on “Help one, help all, helps yourself?

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my web site =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!


    • Thank you, yeah I use to act that way when I was young in the business. Once me and my now friends started doing things together, so much more has happened. When I look back at the 7 years of nothing happening in my career vs the 3 years of earning a living doing what I love now it blows my mind when people choose to isolate themselves by being so hateful to everyone that is not themselves.

      Thank you for reading my blog entry! Peace in harmony


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