Marketing as a woman

Marketing as a woman :

The beauty of marketing. One must always market to find their branding in front of people. I’ve learned over the years the value of branding. Creating an image, or design, ultimately a voice, that people can absorb into their lives. Branding lets people have a part of your “product/company” and take it with them. One may even lend their own voice to your particular brand; i.e. sport fans. A sport fan will buy items to support their favorite teams while fighting for respect, integrity and anything else that goes along with a “fan/customer” of any brand. What you are selling is almost unimportant compared to how you brand it.

I live in entertainment. That’s my world. I am an entertainer who also happens to own a productions company. What does my company do? We Consult, Market, and Develop. I wanted to learn everything I could about marketing so I could become successful in all that I do. I’ve yet to master marketing, since it is ever changing, but I’ve become accustom to how marketing works by being involved with it so often. I am sure, following my blog, you’ve learned that I have a band, I do comedy, act, write, and also eat ice cream… a lot. The point is, each of these ventures have a different brand. Silly, dark, philosophical, etc.

The advantage of a woman comes from their brand. A woman’s beauty is defined by their onlooker. Everyone has a perception of beauty. What woman have over men is men have very little standards when it comes to what they find beautiful. Also, woman, intended or not, have the mindlessness of man to help bring a woman’s brand to life easier than when men market. How so? I am about to generalize, men follow woman (especially woman starting out in any field) with the hopes that they have a chance to have sex with that woman. Will it happen? Most likely not (98% chance of a no). Men don’t care though. They have hope.

Hope is a beautiful thing for men. So… woman get more follows, likes, friends, sales, over men. The statistics don’t lie. Oh, plus, women tend to understand marketing a lot better than men. A fun read —> (LINK). I am not saying men can’t marketing. The truth of it all comes down to more men are willing to follow women based on their desires as a man than on the branding it self. Thus the stereotypical macho marketing campaigns of “Hooters”, “Sports”, “Beer”, etc. These companies know what sells “Units”. Believe me, they get paid a lot of money to come up with seducing marketing campaigns.

• Macho 1 (Video) So true!
• Macho 2 (Video) Wearing this gets you laid.
• Macho 3 (Video) Drink this and get the lady.
• Macho 4 (Video) This one gets you AIDs… oh and says fat women are bad.

The things we learn by watching closely. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Marketing as a woman

  1. But is that the kind of attention women want? I want my product (book) to sell because it’s good, not because men like my picture on the back jacket.

    Am I missing something in what you said?


    • You hit it on the head. I am saying that people should see the quality of products over who is creating the product. In marketing, or business, the success of a company/product comes from your branding. Branding is important.

      I believe quality should be the main reason someone gets noticed. For years I’ve been working within the marketing field. Have you ever heard a song on the air, or an acting in a movie, and said “how is this out there?”… it comes down to their marketing, their branding.

      That’s why my production company helps people with talent, and still work with people just trying to find success. We love working with people who have quality but no one will pay attention to them. It gives us a chance to create opportunities to them. It’s one of the main reasons I started my company. I want people to have opportunities. Because quality comes from wonderful artists of any field or skill. The hard part is the marketing. In my opinion :^)


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