Another Chapter part 4

Another Chapter part 4

So, my one year adventure starts right here!

• 06.01.11 Opened the BBR Productions Inc., office in Miller Place. Made some great connections and started pushing forward. Got to work with everyone from to Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. I had even became best friends with also known as Stoney! Meeting him changed both our lives. (met him in 2007 while doing comedy). We grew over this year and I owe a lot to him. He gave me a voice to express my self, but most of all he trusted me to be an ear for him.

• 06.01.12 A year later a script I was working on since 2011 got an opportunity. That script got noticed by some people in L.A. They are interested. My friend Stoney made that possible (Networking), my talent made writing the script even more possible (Practice). The help of in the read through smooth out the voice of my writing. (Networking). Having Stoney know who I was and what I had been working on (Marketing), got me the chance to hand in my work to people searching for what I was writing.

• 08.10.12 Two months after our one year anniversary we are closing our 1,000 square foot office in Miller Place and moving to a 3,800 square foot building in Holbrook. (Asset : Business) We’ll have two things I’ve always wanted for a company; 1) A stage that I can help people get their performances on by bringing opportunity to people, and 2) a place any person(s) could walk into and have their lives changed forever. A one stop shop of possibilities. This again is thanks to Stoney. A mutual friend was introduced to me a year ago through Stoney, and now that friend and I are working together to bring reality to this dream. (Networking)

I tell everyone it takes a year to become successful if you work at it because you care about it. You must work 365 days a year for this. The help of people around you will help you get to the top. Working together that is. And making sure your name is out there so people know you exist. I don’t make this stuff up. I Network and cultivate relationships because growth comes in unity among people. I marketed my name, company and what I do everywhere to help secure my brand into people’s minds. Finally, I practiced everyday. I practiced my skills everyday and of course I practiced Networking and Marketing.

PS. It takes 5 years to earn wealth in what you are doing and 10 years to be wealthy. I’ll write a follow up to this in 4 more years. Where will I be? Will you follow me? Or better yet, will you be right next to me bringing your dreams to reality?!!! Now, go make things happen by making things happen.

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