Another Chapter part 3

Another Chapter part 3

Where to begin? How about the year I started to focus all my knowledge into one purpose; To succeed. It takes one year to become successful at anything you do. As long as you are working that year 365 days while doing some form of Networking, Marketing, and Practice; both of your skill/craft and to better your Networking and Marketing ability. With that said, let me give you a little insight to what I am talking about through explaining what it is I have done over one full year.

Research, Research, Research!!! This is as important as the 3 needs of success. I wanted to take my company seriously this time round. Why? Because it deserved it. Plus, it is 1 of 8 assets I owned. I am passionate about assets, they generate wealth. Anyway… So a quick understanding of what I did when I finally got back to New York. Keep in mind, when I moved back to NY on the first of January, I did everything I am about to say in less than 6 months. Rule of thumb, doing is the hardest thing to do… so make things happen by making things happen.

• 02.10.11 (-ish) asked a friend to help me build my company up. You need 3 things in any venture, or business; A) The Entrepreneur (this is the money person, or developer of roads), B) The Talent (Idea persons, passion of the company, the go getter), and C) The Manager (Handles the money, business side of things and delegates). I was all three, I needed help (networking), so I called a friend I knew since 1999. He became The Manager. Opened bank accounts and the such. I continued to be The Talent, got us clients.

Still needed the Entrepreneur… So I was that two… over the year, I became all three again. Pointing fingers gets nothing done. Doing is the hardest thing to do… so make things happen by making things happen.


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