Another Chapter part 2

Another Chapter part 2

Last you read; I was living in Florida working my butt off.

• 04.20.10 (give or take) Lived in Florida doing comedy, mostly networking with people while practicing the craft of comedy. Mostly worked on public speaking by being on stage as much as I could in my spare time. Handed out all my tee-shirts (marketing) and continued to handout cards when and where I could.BUT…

Where did I really start? I started in business entertainment. Art was my major in life. I studied it, the craft. I got my name out there and worked a little. I fell out of love with it when I discovered words and music. I began my second quest of life creating songs for a band that became TENEbRAE. That was Florida 1996! Wow, insanity. Moved to New York in the summer of 1997 and met my then best friend Dan Rhodus. TENEbRAE had a life all its own at that point.

In the year 2007 I left TENEbRAE, was told I may be dying of a brain tumor by some doctor trying to figure out what was causing all my personal health issues. It turned out to be something else, but I had a list made up in the time I was “dying”. I created a bucket list. When I got the okay I started making things happen. I began pushing my company as much as I could. It was my main source of income. When work was slow I got a part-time job (in a field that helped me learn a skill to better my networking and/or marketing ability).

Another thing I did in that time was complete many things on my list in a matter of years. 2007 till 2010 I got into acting, comedy and even recorded a full length album with my new band in which I still do to this day. Then, in 2010 my father got sick. I let everything fall to my side and ran to Florida. For two reasons. I needed to be there with him (just in case anything stupid happened) and also to get my life focused. I had spent 3 years working on my bucket list, and here was my dad unable to. Made me think, a lot.

Made me focus on something I had in my hands the whole time. Possibilities!!!


• 01.01.11 Moved back to New York, rented a nice apartment and started setting my plan into motion. Rebuilding my company by placing all I’ve done, in my 15 plus years, and getting my life back on track.


Do you have what it takes, to make a right left here... with a comment?

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