The joy of acting is tarnished by the ego of an actor. I entertain because it brings me joy. I am doing something that others wish they had the guts to do; get up on stage and perform. It is hard, even for me, to get in front of people and just do what it is you are there to do. We are a part of something bigger than actors. We are a part of a world that was created hundreds of years ago. The art of performing started at the time of life of course, but follow me here. We are just people doing a job? Nah, we are people doing something we love to do. Yet, there are people in this business that don’t realize this, or have forgotten the joy of performing.

A thing that seems to be forgotten is that one simple fundamental. An actor is the least important part in any play. I am not saying actors… but the actors. For example; the script, the words are more important than anything else, then the stage, then the audience… then the actors. The script is the script, it never changes. You may alter it, but it is still the context of the story. It starts and ends with a meaning. A stage can change from place to place, big or small or sometimes none at all. Oh, and your audience, I’ve seen them gone and far between or a room packed from wall to wall. But what I have noticed is more than anything is an actor is just filling in a role that will be replaced time in and time again.

Unity, we are here to make something beautiful. We are here to have fun. We are here to bring an audience a memory for eternity. We are here to bring life to words placed on paper. We are here to honor all those before us who have touched a stage for this play or another. For the respect of its author, or the director giving us a chance to represent their vision. We are given a gift of a gift to be the performers we wished we could always be. Working with one another and not against one another. It saddens me when I am around people who just “are so much better than everyone else”. I am a person who will die. I will, I promise you, it happens. We all leave. But our voice is left behind in the memories of people, our actions and how we touched the world will be echoing forever.

All I want to do is have fun. I will not allow someone, or thing, to take that away from me again. When we do not work together in unity, we take away that fun. No one is bigger than the script, the story, the play!



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