Two shows, and a script?

Two shows, and a script?

I did two shows, one very awkward show that turned out bad for my comedy, even though the event was wonderful… in sorts. The next night was wonderfully delightful. Two shows with the same set. What did that teach me? I’d say the same thing I’ve been learning since I started comedy. More like, since I started entertaining. Some people love blue as a color, others, a red color. A crowds perception has little to do with what you’re trying to accomplish. Your audience will find you. Stay true to your course while searching for a voice in entertainment. What an interesting perspective this world has on life. In groups of people you’ll find many twists and turns. An event can be this amazing thing one night, and not so much the next. If one small person, or persons, reacts in a positive light, your night will be non-stop positivity!

What your idea of a structured path can be is limited to what you have known, are knowing and can remember of your past. You have a clear idea of what you want to happen. This idea is only perceptive thinking. The world is beautiful, your life is grand, but what is before your next step is still unknown. Take chances, yes, but most importantly be water. Be fluent. Let your life curve to any environment. I am saying change with your life. Fighting against a feeling can stop movement. Water is stronger than most things in this world. It can carve through stone over time. It can change shape, form, and gives life back to life. A crowd is going great, awesome continue moving forward with it. The crowd is falling apart, then know your time. Know you are able to leave that stage. Does this mean give up? It means be aware, and try again to win them back. Or try again another time. Regroup, reform, retry!

There are signs that your effort is running on thin ice. This is a good thing, it means you are aware of your strengths when you feel this way. So what, this show didn’t go well. You got to perform. Most people wish they could perform. I had a chance to perform two nights in a row. Every show I do is about making people leave with a smile of being entertained on their face. Does it always happen? Yes… okay, okay, I’d say 75% of the time. The crazy news is life does change 100% of the time. Your steps go forward into a destination that is truly unknown. Be prepared to adapt in a professional way. I was at an event where a comedian was doing very poorly and the host gave them a light to get off. They started yelling at said host, from on stage. Professionalism went out the window. Lucky for me, I went on next… great lol. The show went well outside of that person’s performance.

What’s my point? A good show, bad show, outburst? How you hold yourself on and off a stage can change everything. How people see, hear and feel your presence around them adds to their want of dealing with you. I’ve always said this… “Be nice to everyone, you never know who someone is, or knows”. I befriended a comedian, that was doing comedy a little longer than I. We went from being comedians in the field, to best friends. He got from me knowledge of this businesses inner-workings. I got a good friend that I would do anything for. He’s a great human being. My kindness to him, even when I knew nothing about him, lead to a friendship, that friendship lead to another door. A Script I have been working on is now doing something more… thanks to him… Working, working, working.

So, did I mention I am in a play next month too? I have to memorize a script for Twelfth Night, write two more episodes for a script that is being looked at by a certain movie studio, and I had shows that came up along with a festival my company is going to be at all weekend. If you don’t have time, or you feel there is no way to get what you want going, than you have to look inward and find the motivation. Everything can happen with a little push, help from friends, and the love and support of others and yourself. Life just keeps becoming more and more amazing. Be happy of yourself, motivate yourself and I promise every dream comes true if you take steps towards it. Be nice… be professional… and be prepared!

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