A hateful, yet supportive, environment known as entertainment

A hateful, yet supportive, environment known as entertainment

Hate. There is one way NOT to start a thought. Oh, another way. Words like “no”, “not”, “hate”, “crappy”, “poopy”… okay, poopy is funny… the other words are in essence, negative. That’s our community of beginners. Do some people support one another? Of course, they do. They are friends or associates. Most people have day jobs or have to get up early so they leave shows before someone performers, or what have you. This business is filled with negativity, from “you are too fat”, to “why are they successful when I am so much better than them?”. These are lost causes. It really matters only if you are confident and you want it. Billy Bob Thornton made his career in movies by doing Sling Blade. Focus on moving forward.

I see support for negativity all the time. I hear people growing in that herd mentality, grouping together with thoughts of hate, jealousy, and worst sometimes. I once played a show with TENEbRAE (my first band), and a friend’s band, Metadox, or something like that, and there was another band on the bill who we didn’t know. After our set, they said into the mic “I’d like to thank Lacuna Coil for playing tonight”. Obviously, it was a knock on my band because I sang, and we had a female singer. They clearly didn’t like Lacuna Coil, which had the same band layout as us. Though we were doom metal with a touch of progressive, and Lacuna Coil (who I love) is more Pop-Metal, with grooves. Really well-played grooves, but still. There was no need for the attack.

When they were done all was cool and I have yet to hear anything from that band since. Moving on, the purpose of possibility in this business is supporting one another in a positive way. Do I get negative once in a while, yeah… I do. My thought on the matter is this, everyone has a bad day. I, on the norm, am very supportive of people and their efforts to make expression come to life. A large number of famous people all work together, supporting their efforts forward. There are haters, but who gets further? Kanye West had to back down because he got out of control. Then, after being gone for a while he came back into the light. Take a moment to remember where you started, how you would have enjoyed help or guidance.

Think, believe, do… because the gift to give, gives.



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