Macbeth – Stage-manger

Macbeth – Stage-manger;

Saying the word “Macbeth” is considered bad luck. While I personally believe that superstition ain’t the way, I do believe that this is an opportunity to increase my skills, experience and level of involvement in theater. I was asked to perform one of the roles in Macbeth, the witch to be exact. I said I would do it, then I decided against it. Why? Because I thought this a great chance to do something different with the theater company I had been working with. I’ve done “stand-in” stage-manger for one night on two different shows. Last minute stand in and I did fairly well. Proving I could handle it on short notice, I’d like to step in and try it as the preferred position.

Now allowing me to add it to my “acting” resume’ I feel better to see my list grow. This shows my range in this particular field of acting. It’s always been my dream to move forward in my passions. To set bars and break walls down. Life grows with chances, taking them and letting your fears of “no” be left behind. More than anything, I am still working on a Shakespeare piece, dealing with actors I enjoy, and working with a director that has guided me through each play while learning how to develop in each role. I’ve learned many things doing what I do, and this is not an exception. Always take a chance when you see it. Waiting allows the heat to slow, since you are only as good as your last performance.

My goal is to be on top of it. As a Stage-manager I am responsible for; Actors being happy, knowing their lines, understanding the script, striking & dressing the stage, props, possibly sound (depending), 10 / 5 / and places warnings, calling to ensure rehearsals, lists and so on. That’s a lot for a first time! For me, it will be easy. Why? Because I am going to put into this, everything I have placed into my skill as a performer. Behind the scenes is just as important as being in front of the curtain. Just as there are no small roles only small actors. I am not making fun of midgets, I love midgets. It’s their hands that make me feel weird when they try to hug me. Point being, explore your options as you see them. Asking is more important than fearing your path.

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