F*ck you, you, and you Dyslexia!

F*ck you, you, and you Dyslexia!

One of the hardest parts about being in entertainment is reading in front of people for the first, second, third, forth, and so on times when you have Dyslexia. Interesting enough, Danny Glover suffered from dyslexia while in school, he was “a functional illiterate” when he graduated from high school. Now he has beat, fought and excelled at his craft being an actor/director. So why does dyslexia slow so many people down in entertainment, or other fields? Support is few and far between. When a person is called dumb over their ability to read in such an open format it becomes frustrating. Many geniuses are found held back through fear of reading openly with people around. Even worse, they are forced to memorize speeches to get their words out.

We must support others in any field, so that we can all work together. Attacking people holds life back. Secondly, when the world realizes our lives work together, things move smoother. I suffer from Dyslexia which has kept me hiding from things. In my elder ages, I have become a published poet, an actor, a musician who writes lyrics and in the last few months I’ve really upped my script writing craft. All from a person who sees a few words and letters backwards. I do indeed have a hard time reading out loud. Though, when I read slowly to myself I am good. The real trick is to read out loud and work on controlled seeing. This helps with cold reads, or just seeing things in a more controlled light.

What is Dyslexia? “Developmental Reading Disorder”. That’s what. This disability, which occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols, affects a great deal of people. Does it stop them, some times yes, other times no. Be strong. Remember it is just another step to overcome by embracing. Though symptoms can range from mistaking the letter “b” for “d” or losing words in your mind, and all the way to hearing sounds differently when trying to pronounce. Some treatment for this disorder; Positive reinforcement since most people have a fear of reading it keeps them from trying, causing, in some cases, poor self-esteem. So I say to the world, as I ask you to embrace this my fellow Dyslexions… F*ck you, you and you Dyslexia!!! I will live my life, and others can kiss my A$!

Dream big, be great, live true…

‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrown upon them.’ ~ Shakespeare

Though, I say, why not have all three!




3 thoughts on “F*ck you, you, and you Dyslexia!

    • Very true! I agree, having Dyslexia is just another part of being who a person is. Letting it hold you back is a whole another story. It comes down to our ability to keep pushing forward. Great things come to those with determination, dedication, and direction! Thank you for the comment!


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