Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night;

Acting!!! My favorite play is the “Twelfth Night”. It just always hit me as the most romantic comedy of Shakespeare. From the lips of “Orsino, Duke of Illyria” who has some of great philosophical breaths of literature.

“If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die…”

Need I go on? Oh I must go on. I speak from the mouth of “Feste, a clown, servant to Olivia”. I get to represent lines such as.

“Why, ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrown upon them.’”

There is just so much beauty in this piece. I would have loved to play Orsino, though as Feste I get to sing, dance open the play into the mood and close the play. Standing alone on stage my voice is left on an audience listening, laughing, and smiling through what could be an amazing grouping of nights to remember. Most importantly I am working with actors I’ve grown to respect along with new actors I’ve never had a chance to work with.

Networking is a big part of why I do most anything. Where are my opportunities in “this” situation, is how my mind works instinctively. Who will I learn to know, meet, befriend, work with in the future. How can I market this event? Better yet, how can I market myself during this event? Even more so, how can I market everyone in this event and add to the rapport of our working relationship? Ah, the love of acting!

Do you have what it takes, to make a right left here... with a comment?

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