Standing in last minute

Standing in last minute;

The power of “NO” has always held me back. I say this knowing I rarely say it when it comes to working within my craft. I say no all the time with business opportunities when I feel there is nothing to gain for either party. When both parties are gaining something from it, I feel greatly confident in my choice to say “YES”. Yes is a beautiful word to those looking for a perpetual quest forward in their life’s goals. I could easily say no to those asking me to help, work, or what-have-you, though I’ve always felt that in my life I get one shot at this whole thing. Besides that, I have a fear of saying no. No mean “nothing”. It means I am forbidding my life gifts.A gift of experience, a gift of memories. I recently had a conversation with someone about how I should have said no. What did I say no to? Well, two things. I was asked to stand-in on a role for two nights at the end of this month. Though, I didn’t get the script when I had asked for it, and there is literally a week and a half left till show time. Oh well, make things happen! The second was for the same show the day after I got the script I was asked to do the stage managing and a small role. I said yes. Should I have said no? Maybe. It was a lot of work to memorize the lines in less than 24 hours and going over the musical cues.Overall, I knew where she was coming from. And I agreed with her. It makes sense. If I say no, maybe I’d be more appreciated in the fact that I am going out of my way. It is not always I feel as such, and the group made me feel good about doing it. They even thanked me and thought I did an amazing job. In the future, and in some instances I completely agree. The power of no will show a bit more value in what you eventually say yes to. Overall figure the value of the choice. What did I get out of saying yes? Respect? Maybe I got to take that memory with me? Experience? I did get paid! Ultimately, what are you taking out of it?

I got to act, spend time with friends, get paid, market myself a little and practice my craft. Well, I Networked, Marketed and Practiced all in one weekend. That sounds like a win win situation. I am very tired now because of it, but I get to do my third and forth Shakespeare plays this summer because I put some time into networking with this acting troupe. I will get paid for doing something I love as well as acting in “Twelfth Night” and “Macbeth”. Who could ask for more than that? Next year I will be doing “Hamlet”, as Hamlet so I need all the practice I can get. So when you are asked to stand in last minute, weigh the value of you!

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