This is a blog I found for an actress making things happen in the business. From stage to screen, she is doing a wonderful job. A fairly new blog, it is a documented exploration of her journey in the business of acting. Interesting, and well informed.

Katrina Perkins

A fellow actor told me I would make a great Magenta in a live performance of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’.  He followed up by asking if I can sing.  Stammering to answer, eventually I came out with a “yes”, explaining my hesitation how- despite mother’s teasing of my then preteen rendition of  Madonna- I have been told by a teacher, in a singer’s voice workshop, I am good enough and should go out for vocal auditions.  Confidence is the challenge I face when standing up to ambitiously belt it out in front of people.  Akin to anything, if you do not sing with all you have, from the depths of your guts, the outcome will be splintered.

Additionally, the aforementioned actor is currently undergoing chemotherapy in order to survive stomach [strike that, I was corrected, it is actually] “ASS” cancer.  In response to my embarrassed explanation he said “without being…

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