I dreamt bigger than I was, now I’m bigger than I dreamt

I dreamt bigger than I was, now I’m bigger than I dreamt;

Keep your ego in check, be kind and rewind. Working with people will get you further than working against them. It is all about having fun. Everyone wants to be the best at their craft and be more well known than the next person. Remember this; you are an entertainer so have fun. There are times when people will just burst your bubble and take this life way too seriously. First of all you are getting paid to play around. If you are a comedian, musician, or an actor… hell, even a writer, you are getting paid to do what you love. You are not getting up 5 AM to lift crap. You’re not waking up to earn $9 an hour doing a job you hate. You’re getting paid to do what you love. Enjoy this time.

Alright, I take my job seriously as an entertainer but I also have fun. It is not about ruining an atmosphere, it is about adding to one. Who else gets a chance to do what you do and get paid for it? I mean, I’m saying take your craft seriously, but have enjoy it. You’re being more disrespectful if you ignore the fact that you are honoring everyone before you, after you, and people who wish they could be doing what you are doing. If you have a big stiff-upper-lip, you are dishonoring everyone I just mentioned. Put time into being awesome at what you do, that’s important. Though, more important, don’t take yourself too seriously that you become this douche-bag I am about to mention below.

~~ True story-ish ~~ (names and subject matter has been changed to hide the person, context is the same)

I was in a play where another actor approached me during rehearsal. Mind you, it is rehearsal, we try things out at this point. He decided to let me know my accent I was trying out was stupid, bad, and made no sense.

I said, “I can understand where you’re coming from. I’m an adult and should really place some context into this instead of trying to have have fun.”

He says “How can you have fun if you’re doing something that makes no sense?”

That was a good point. So I replied “How about when you were about 5, or maybe even 10, playing with G.I. Joe men in your backyard, whereupon you started having them attack each other until you killed a bunch of toy men off? Of course, at 5, or maybe even 10, you have no idea the power of death. You may even notice you lack any grasp on the value in killing another man as a soldier. A soldier, in this situation, who would completely understand his actions much better than a child would, especially in that do or die situation. You just kind of point the gun as a kid and say pow pow, or what have you… So I ask you, what was the point of doing that when you clearly had no true context of what your motivation was as an actor. To me, it seemed you were trying something stupid, bad and it made no sense. Where was the context?”

He said that made no sense because he was just a kid having fun.

I retorted the best I knew how at this point, “How can you have fun if you’re doing something that makes no sense?”

He walked away as I continued to be a kid and randomly have fun with acting. For children have the lease restraints as an actor because they make a choice and believe in their actions! Ah, the world of acting.

Look, have fun. You only get one life. Don’t be that douche who really takes away from everything. You are acting, you are entertaining, you are doing something many others wish they had the balls to be doing. It is beautiful so be beautiful!




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