Hello, do you know me?

Hello, do you know me?;

Creating a voice, making a statement and keeping your public platforms noticed. How can you become successful if no one knows you? I always ask myself that question when talking with people in the business. This is my line of questions, maybe this will help you…

For those who are entertainers and performers in any field, listen, and let me know what your answers are.

1) How many magazines did you contact about your performance or about doing an interview or review?
2) How many mangers did you contact about your performance or to set up a meeting?
3) How many agencies have you been contacting about your performances and to make a networking contact?
4) How often do you contact people you’ve met of importance and ask for nothing but to say hi?
5) How many follow ups have you done this week alone or in the past for the above people?
6) How many people came to see you and did you send them thank yous? (maybe that one is a little much?)
7) Did you stand by the front door at the end of the night and say thank you to everyone who was leaving?
8) Did you give them a free something?
9) Did you say hello and goodbye to everyone at the venue where you performed, or anywhere you go?

These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself next time you say “I should be bigger than I am”, or “I’m better than this, why are they famous and I am not”, and of course “If only the right person saw me!!!”… well, be proactive and get people to see you!!!

Today was a short blog, but it is more about getting you to think then really go on about what I learned in the field of being an entertainer… I say that knowing I’ve already learned to do this for my events. Take the pearls of wisdom and pay it forward.




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