How many people ARE in your musical project

How many people ARE in your musical project;

The excuse that nothing is getting done because you’re the only one doing anything. I’ve always loved this. It is one of the major reasons I left my first band. 6 to 7 people in one band (depending on the incarnation) and yet nothing really ever got done that was supposed to. I was wrong. I blamed everyone else for not getting things done. I found out the best way I could. I started my own projected called “Altayon”. By myself, I got to a great spot on the metal charts, radio airplay, plenty of downloads, exposure and press. All on my own. So what was the issue when I was in a band of 6 to 7 people (depending on the incarnation)?

Excuses, that’s what the issue was. I casually push “Altayon” and I’ve done so much with them in such a little time. It took me about a month and a half to get to number 2 on the charts out of something like 60+ thousand. I’ve been there for over 2 years now (give or take a few months). On top of that, my web pages attached to the “Altayon” brand do the job themselves. Having tons of activity. I’ve played a few shows but nothing too big. Nor did I really put any time into them. I get friends, and other great musicians to stand in life when I need them for a show, and when I don’t I just sit in my office and record albums.

I am content with where “Altayon” is. I am sure if I really cared I could do more. My goal is to continue growing my company until it is a monster all itself. If you really want to make it, and nothing is getting done. Look to yourself for the change. Make things happen by making things happen. Hell, at the least, if you are doing it and no one else is you are both A) getting things done, and B) leading by example. OH, and C) to boot, it has to get done whether they help or not, it must get done above all needs. Do, Do, Do… I am not singing, I am explaining! Though I like singing… I think I will go sing because it must get done!

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