Why I started recording my performances

Why I started recording my performances;

Practice makes perfect, analyzing makes a career. That sums it up. That was an interesting blog, wasn’t it?

How about we get down to what matters? Recording your performance has so many advantages to it. Why I do it? I like to go back and see my performance in general. How I was standing, acting, reacting, moving around and my overall ability from a good look away. That’s just to start. Now I want to see how people were reacting to my performance. Were they into it, when did they get more into it. Maybe I should rearrange my set list, maybe I should act differently. These are all things you should be studying when you are an entertainer.

I also like to have a copy of the show. Maybe I did an amazing job one night and I caught it on tape. Now I can see how to work that performance into every show. You can hear what you are doing and why you are doing it. Analyzing your craft is what makes you better. Practice is one thing, but watching what you’re doing is another. You can take notes to compare them with what you “thought” was going on at that time. Maybe where you thought you did or did not hear a good reaction is clarified through recording your event. Mostly I prefer to videotape it. There are times when I am doing stand up comedy that I rather just audio tape it.

What’s the major difference? Audio recording is easy, but at least I am recording it in one way or another. I would much rather be videotaped, though some places don’t allow that. So I just place the recorder in my pocket, on the chair, or have a friend hold it. Either way, this is a needed advantage to growing in your craft. Even when I act, or play with my band, I try to record as many performances as I can. Again, sometimes you are FOR-BID-DEN!!! Other times they don’t care. As long as you’re not using it for resale. That makes sense and I can understand that all the way! I almost agree. Though, I do own the copyrights, except in a play.




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