It’s the economy

It’s the economy;

“I don’t have the money right now” is what I hear people saying. So I ask, “Why not?”, it’s the economy. First off, if you spend money the economy starts to grow which in turn creates money, jobs and the such. Second of all… let’s think this all through. I deal with people all the time that say “they can’t pay me”, “I don’t have the money for that”, etc. Well… if you don’t have the money to pay me, or for whatever “that” is, then why are you spending money on wasted things? Surely you know what I am getting at. Think about where you are while I get into some interesting “think subjects”. The idea is to get your brain into the storm of things. The more you looking inward, around, outside and up/down, the better you’ll be able to make of your situation(s).

There we have it, folks, a subject plot. You’re in entertainment and you think “I need to have X to make an impact on the world”. Well okay. Do the math. Money must be spent on something that makes sense. At the beginning of any career, you are not selling a thing to make money. You cannot make money and I’ll tell you why. To make money you have to exceed the amount of money you put into the sale. So, for example; If you have a CD record (and you are a band), it will easily cost you 5 grand just to get it recorded. Now, artwork, duplication, distribution and so on. Oh, your one album will get you signed? Or you’ll wait till after you are signed to worry about that because the label will pay for it?

Alright, now you have to wait till you pay back the label before you see any money. Thus, exceeding the amount of money you put into the sale. Let us say you really want to make that album. Now, how many fans do you have that will buy it at your insane cost? Insane as in, you’ll need to sell it for anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars to make your money back. Keep in mind you also have to claim sales-tax on those sales or pay a fine. You have how many fans? We will include your friends and family for this one. You will sell about 40 CDs, maybe 300 if we are being nice about it. 300 x $15 = $4,500. You won’t even make back the money it cost to record the CD. We still have not even included all the time and money wasted on marketing the CD.

Wasted time on marketing the CD? let’s look at it this way! Why market a CD? Why marketing a show? If you want to take full advantage of your budget and get your name out there you have to place all your money into Networking and Marketing. Into what you ask? Into your brand. Into your name. If you are a musician, comedian, actor, business (Everyone is a business!; it’s the entertainment business!), you must get your name out there. You spend $5 grand on a disc, another $3 grand on duplication, marketing, and artwork… okay, that’s $8,000. Imagine you placed that money into marketing your brand, your name? I am not talking Shirts. Shirts cost about $1,500 for a gross of shirts (144). You are not buying to sell anything right now.

You are buying to market and network! It’s your own economy, so make the best of it. Get Ads going, stickers are a great cheap way to start. Business cards, posters, money into going to conventions with a booth. Maybe even a single, but keep the money low in each choice and the choice high in each give away. $36 for a 100 postcards? $130 for 500 stickers… come on, there are so many things you can be doing out there. Make your economy work for you. Budget your life, and career. Get yourself going. It works for me, and most everyone else out there who has become successful at what they do. If you don’t believe me, ask them. If they’re busy, look into researching their lives and how they got where they are!

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