The business of music

The business of music;

“I want to be the most successful band in the world!” How is that working out for you? The secret to success has always been these 3 wonderful things; Networking, Marketing, and Practicing! You must talk with people and cultivate new relationships in this industry. With other bands, clubs, booking agents, A&R people, if they are in the business of music you should say hello and build that relationship. This is where success starts. Networking is not marketing, it is relationship growing. Once you ask them to come to a show or buy something they are now a client, and that is marketing. Create events where you are simply growing relationships with people. Hold parties, or go to parties or even industry events. Spend money on bringing these people out to your shows, or mail them thank you postcards. Something… You want to build relationships with people so that you can utilize a beautiful working situation in the business of music.

On the other hand, without marketing, you’ll never get your name out there. A band needs two major things, the ability to network, and the ability to marketing. Marketing starts with saying your name to another person. Get people talking about your band. Getting people spreading the word. You may say “I am in a band with 4 people and no one does anything.” Well, if you have been networking your new friends might help you. And if you create such a voice that your marketing has made you fans that willing spread the word on their own. Getting the name out there takes time, action and dedication. Each day you should be doing something to get your name out there. You being the most awesome band in the world doesn’t help as much as telling people you are the most awesomeness band in the world. Spreading your name is a great start in the business of music.

Finally, you see I wrote practice. Well, let me put it this way. Knowing your craft is important BUT not as important as practicing how to network and market. These are both skills in themselves. Learning how to talk with people changes everything for you. Learning how to create a voice also takes some time. That is why there are marketing companies out there. Name one successful group or person who does not have a PR/Marketing company behind them? The reason they pay people to do this is that it takes a lot of work to get your name out there. Of course, you should be working on these three things yourself, even if you hire a company. Because you still need to understand their importance so you grow correctly as a company… that’s right, you are a company. You need to act as such. No label will take a chance on a failing company. So practice working as a team, hiring people to get your name out there and in the business of music blow up!!!

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