I’m acting my age, but not on stage

I’m acting my age, but not on stage;

From summer to about January of this year I was acting about once a month in a play. I took some time off to work on my company and growing. This summer, I may be in another Shakespeare play. That is neither here nor there. As of now I am more interested in knowing I am an actor, muahaha… Okay, okay. The truth of the matter is I miss acting, and it comes down to me wanting the freedom of owning a company that allows me to do what I want. So, as the gigs come up I will happily take them, if time permits.I may be an actor at heart, but I am a businessman by trade! Though, BBR Productions Inc, is working on finalizing our agency licenses, I look to get more audition opportunities from that. By working on finalizing, I mean, the paperwork was sent in and it is just a matter of time. Which is exciting. Not only do I get to sign my friends who are actors, to help the best I can, but I can add more clients to the list of ever growing work to BBR Productions Inc. So exciting, I can’t handle it. Well, I can handle it a little. It is what I do.

Most of all, I’ve been really studying the art of listening. Why? Because acting is 90% reacting and 10% Acting. Of course, most of that 90% is instinctual based on the ear taking in words, your eyes witness to their motion and so forth. When acting, it is better to appear you are not acting. I practice this most of my days when I go to get food, or on line somewhere. I like to interact with individuals in a way that allows me to study what I am doing. This helps with acting, comedy, stand performance and my company handling seminars and other negotiating meetings. Everything I do has to work with each area I handle in life.





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