I miss drawing

I miss drawing;

I started my life out drawing. It was what calmed me down. It took me almost 18 years to realize I hate drawing stuff for other people. I wasn’t ready to make a living off of drawing for other people. I enjoyed it greatly. How the colors came to life because my mind saw something. How I was able to express my imagination with ease, and at times my dreams would speak to me through any style of artistry I wanted.

It was when I started getting paid for it I decided it wasn’t meant for me as a profession. This one customer had asked me to draw a photo on a page 4 feet by 2 feet. I did it, and he loved it, except for this little spot… right… there! If you were not alive in 1996/97, there were no computer programs worth our time when it came to drawing. Which meant I had to redraw the whole thing just to fix that little spot. I stayed away from working for people.

I also did some other things with art and found it wasn’t for me. I was good at it too. I loved it, and drew all the time. Ultimately I found life in writing and music. That changed my life forever. I had more control over my music. I could also express any thought with writing. It just seemed to fit better. I don’t draw anymore. My muscles for it kind of weakened and at best I can kind of get images out of my head. I do miss it, but it makes me sad to draw, and the time I would have to put into it just to get back to normal is not worth it.

Lucky for me, there is Photoshop! Now that I enjoy doing. Working from images and creating a new form of art. Just don’t ask me to draw you something! One day, maybe never, but one day, who knows… I might pick up a pencil and create a masterpiece again.





2 thoughts on “I miss drawing

  1. You’ve always been creative, artistic, and a hard working ‘perfectionist’
    What you do now keeps you occupied, keeps your mind sharp, and obviously is quite rewarding for you. But perhaps from time to time you can sneak in a little drawing/sketching just for you, just for GP. Don’t stifle it completely. It’s a part of your creative spirit. { I promise not to ask you to draw anything for me though} =)


    • I only draw women who pose naked for me now! :^) Besides that, I get nervous when I draw now. It has become more of an old memory, a burden one might say. Oh well… but, I still draw in my own little way. Just not with ink. Thank you for reading and posting!


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