Telling a joke here and there

Telling a joke here and there;

Comedy is one of those things I kind of feel into with my need to perform. I had just left TENEbRAE, and didn’t want anything to do with music at the time. I then found myself in a weird situations where a doctor told me I might be dying. Great, death, that’s what I needed! Good news, it turned out not to be a brain tumor. Bad news, it turned out not to be a brain tumor! Why do I say that? Because now what, what can I do with my life? That’s right, I will LIVE my life to the fullest.

I decided everything I wanted to do was going to be done. I wrote my list out, a bucket list if you may, and started off on my journey. Comedy was first on that list. I always wanted to do it and thus, I AM GOING TO DO IT. I did it, and I love it. I don’t love the business of dealing with people who are not successful. And not for the reasons you may be thinking. Hear me out. People who are successful work well with one another. Always finding work together and supporting one another. Unsuccessful people fight each other, make fun of the next guy and are always looking for ways to stab a person in the back.

Why is it successful people work with other people and unsuccessful people just want to get ahead? OH, that’s right, because they don’t get it. You need to work together. Speaking of working together, I am working out my routine for a show on Saturday June 16th 2012 with a buddy of mine, comedian “Stoney”. Whenever we have shows we always try and place the other comedian on it. The point is working together for the benefit of both. This event will be at the Knights of Columbus on 41 Horseblock RD, Centereach NY 11720.

I am excited because I live the advice I try to share here. I wish more people who take the time to live their dreams and work together. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your career!

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