Macabre was more than Faire


Macabre was more than Faire;

Took some time this weekend to be more than just me. It was about 3 things this weekend. 1) Altayon, 2) Comedy, and 3) BBR Productions Inc! I had a plan and I made it happen. I did some comedy as The Undead Comic on Friday, then I played some music with my band on Saturday. When it came down to it my company was active all weekend, all three days.

There is a reason we are given great opportunities. Make the best of what you have not, and what you have. I have always been a worker of every day. You get nowhere sitting around waiting. I practice what I teach. It has been this way ever since I thought better of myself getting taken advantage of. I know life is short, life is fleeting…

Try holding onto your choices. You can or cannot. Imagine you wanted something so bad you know you deserve it… well, it doesn’t come to you because you want it, it comes to you because you go after it! That is what I do, that is what I suggest. So, what did I do this weekend? I should say, what did I not do this weekend?

I had free CD’s for my band to hand out, made as many networking possibilities as I could and I pushed forward my web-show, Make A Right Left Here TV! I also helped people out but asking them about them. They talked with me about all they have to offer and I was happy to give them the floor! It was amazing doing this thing I call “Working together”

Read a little into this blog (BBR Productions Inc) for information regarding what it is I teach. Then, read a little into this blog you are on now about what it is I do now. You’ll see I am all about three things… Networking, Marketing, and Practicing! Make your life happen by making things happen!

Do you have what it takes, to make a right left here... with a comment?

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