3 of 1 of me

3 of 1 of me;

I was in a band compiled of 7 musicians. Most of the time they limited themselves to practicing for shows. I was lucky enough that they also performed at shows. Occasionally someone asked them if they were in a band. It seemed as if marketing, and networking were limited to almost nothing. On the other hand, I had a “partner” helping with more than a little, but less than a lot. I did almost everything. That caused me to slow down to almost a lull, out of anger. I allowed emotion to control my progression.

After leaving that band I started a new band a few years later. That band is titled “Altayon”. Oddly enough, it was just me in the beginning. And on my own I got more done in less than a year than that other band did with 7 people over 10 years. I had a full album done in three months, where as only 3 to 5 song demos were recorded with that other band. I also had more radio play, press done on “Altayon”, and brand awareness than before. All by my lonesome I pushed forward bringing “Altayon” to #2 on Reverbnation’s metal charts (Middle Island, NY).

My point is, if you want it, make it happen. Bring your reality to dreams because you want it. If you are in a band of 7 or 30 people musicians, and you want it more than ever, then you do it. You make it happen. If they help, awesome! If not, so what! Do what is needed to see success come to a project. Remember, the project is more important than you. The name of that project is its strength. Its branding is more important than anything else. Members come and go, ideas falter, but a name’s branding lives on and on!

Moving on to this moment. I have been acting in plays, performing comedy, jamming out with “Altayon” and of course running my business. What does that mean? Well, I am one person making my dreams come true and I know you can as well. This weekend alone I will be performing at the Macabre Faire in 3 different ways. This gig came out of me acting in a few plays with a company called “TwitchTwitch Productions”. That gig in the past lead to this moment now… So… Saturday (04.14.12) I’ll be performing during the day with an acoustic set of “Altayon” music. At night, I will be throwing some jokes around as the “Undead Comic”. Finally, my company “BBR Productions Inc,” will be doing a seminar.

Talk about taking advantage of hard work! 3 of 1 of me making things happen. Why am I telling you this? Because I know you can do it. If I can, you can. Maybe my stories from inside the field of entertainment will inspire you to be more than what you have been doing. Maybe, when you are down and out you will set forth and push through those walls. Become more than a dream, become your personal accomplishments!!! Be true to your path, let nothing or no one say no to you. Don’t do for others, or the lack of others. If you want it, DO IT!





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