Rebel with a cause

Rebel with a cause;

For an entertainer a birth means only one thing… Less work. Is that true? My birthday is this month, and I don’t really celebrate it, so I have another year to consider what to do. I’ve always been good at setting goals to make good choices for my personal career. Though, I’ve always allowed emotions to move me a little from here to there. Be it love in a relationship or something I felt so strongly about that I was willing to slow down.

Over the years, as I… -clears throat- aged, I’ve sped up. I am becoming more busy, more aware of what is needed to make my life acceptable to me. I am happy over the last year, making good moves in my life and seeing myself since I could last remember. My favorite change in life is my company. I really stepped it up over the last year and it allows me two things. One, helping others achieve their life dreams. Two, making my dreams become a reality too.

I’ve also reconnected with some past friends, who’ve I missed dreadfully, and lost some friends on the way. That’s what happens in life. We meet new people, miss older ones, and sometimes get a chance to reconnect. I have never felt like I lost a friend. I feel anything can happen. Who knows, that friend could comes back. Though, it is not about that for me. It is about the moment. I am making and breaking rules each day to see my life glow. The brighter my life glows the more I can help others.

This year is all about setting up great things for next year. I have a lot going on for my own personal projects, two books coming close to conclusion, and a lot of projects my business is handling. A major goal for next year; film our first fully produced pilot for a TV show. I am excited about that, and I don’t get excited. Remember, it gets hard out there sometimes, but it is not the challenges ahead that makes us who we are, or slows us down, it is how we choose to deal with said challengers! Become possibilities!

2 thoughts on “Rebel with a cause

  1. Your life *does* glow… and it’s only getting brighter. You are lighting the way for yourself, and for those around you. You are on quite the noble life path and it’s awe inspiring. My wish for you is that in this year, you will continue to be as successful as you want to be, grow, and improve your life, your business, your works, and as ever, you continue to touch peoples lives, hearts, and minds. =)


    • The rebel in me wants to say “No, I am against the system of being nice!!!” lol, but the cause in me is saying life is all about working with people. Making people laugh and smile is a big part of who this world is to me. Thanks for sending some thought my way about this blog and me. I know how time consuming it can be to read someone else’s words :^) My rambles are always ongoing! lol


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