The world of conventions can be an interesting one. You have a chance of seeing people show up dressed up in some freaky looking designs, self made or purchased. Then you have people who come dressed up like characters from comic books, movies, TV, or because that’s how they normally look. You also get to see old men checking out younger women. That’s my favorite. The convention list grows each year. This weekend, there were two at the same time in NY. I-con, and New York Comic Book Marketplace.

Both have the same idea. Get thousands of people into one area to spend tons of money while venders (tables/companies) pay for the space. It’s an exciting time. One was focused around comic books, comic book movies and the artists who create them. I had fun there, worked my company’s booth and also got to mingle and hear wonderful stories from all sorts of people. I-con, I missed. I have worked I-con before, and it’s the same principle as all of them. I-con is more fantasy and movie based then NYCBM. They have actors come in to sign head shots, YAY!

Me, what does this mean for me as the traveling entertainer? It means networking and exposure. I also practiced those two things and my ability to hone my craft anywhere and everywhere. While I was there I finagled my way onto a radio pod cast show, a TV show, and into the grace of people of importance. Today is Monday the 2 of April, I met these people on Saturday March 31, so now what? Follow up, that’s what! I waited the weekend over, and most of them already sent me emails wanting to talk… now I have to respond. The life of an entertainer is one part talk, one part marketing and ten parts respond!

So take what hard work I put into this event and learn from it. Through my experience may it become your experience. I enjoyed my time there, but why didn’t I see you there? Always makes me wonder why people are where they are, they I realize they are not putting in the effort. I guess with time everyone will find their rhythm!

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