Those we meet

Those we meet;

I am a performer. I do it all. I’ve been alive doing this since I could remember. It is who I am, and what I have been raised to do by fate. I have no other choice by to continue being who I am. I am just another person in entertainment that people have met after shows, before shows and even when I am walking around doing nothing in particular. I have a name that is out there because of my history in the business. Am I huge? Nope, well known, maybe, people are aware of me, Yes!

Great, I am known. The problem is that life doesn’t last for ever. We meet people all the time. They come and go. Some people do nothing for you when you meet them. They say hello and you walk it off into a forgotten memory. But then you meet those people who change your life. They add to it. They become great inspirations. In entertainment you meet a great many people who do nothing for you. They take advantage of your kindness, eat you up and spit you out. There are a select few that become your friends.

A fleeting business this entertainment thing gives us. So we embrace the friends we find, the friends we meet, the friends we call family. I just lost a member of that family. A good friend, a great entertainer, and a wonderful human being. How do we say goodbye to those who have given us so much laughter, so much hope for artistic expression? We don’t. We never say goodbye. We keep moving forward with them in our closest memories. Guiding us to do better. As I’ve said before, with death it brings life. Live harder, stronger, love more and take a FUCKING CHANCE!!!

You only get one life. You sometimes don’t get to go passed 30. Dream, Think, DO! Make things happen by making things happen. I do it everyday, and for my friend, who is forever psychically gone, I know I am going to continue living this life of an entertainer more each day for him. Patrick W. Hart! See you when I see you buddy!

But, I do miss my friend…

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